Issue 14, April 2015

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Monsoon Kitchens



It has been less than a year since Monsoon Kitchens partnered with Sysco to launch the Indian Food Category and we are thrilled that Sysco has chosen to recognize us as a Minority Supplier of the Month for February 2015.

Monsoon Kitchens is a minority-owned Indian Food Company that creates truly tasty, naturally healthy and high-quality authentic Indian products — products that will help create satisfying and profitable Indian menus for your customers. With the belief that serving authentic Indian cuisine should be simple, Monsoon Kitchens creates delicious RTU sauces, entrees and appetizers that require nothing more than heating to achieve perfection. You’ll never have to reconstitute a sauce or add a key component, nor will you have to worry about trans-fats or artificial ingredients.

We also recently reduced salt in our products, so your customers can achieve their goal of consuming less sodium as recommended in the latest USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. And with numerous vegetarian and vegan offerings, we can help incorporate more vegetarian items on menus — making Monsoon Kitchens an easy solution for Meatless Mondays.

Since we started working with Sysco, we have started selling to a few of the Operating Companies (OpCos) which would not have been possible prior to establishing our national vendor status. Although we have a long way to go, we are thankful to Sysco for inviting us to participate in various selling opportunities such as 2014 G2E Global Gaming Show in Las Vegas. At that show the Monsoon Kitchens team wowed the chefs from Sysco’s various OpCos, as well as their customers, with recipes representing India’s flavorful street food. Picture the customers enjoying the bold flavors from the streets of Mumbai in Las Vegas.

We hope that our partnership with Sysco will enable us to write national menus with our valued chain accounts customers. We welcome even more opportunities to present our products and program and share knowledge of Indian foods with managers, marketing associates and customers in the future.

Monsoon Kitchens is excited to introduce you to the rich culinary history of India, the healthful benefits of Indian spices and the satisfaction that comes from enjoying spicy and bold flavors. One of the most important dietary guidelines is to enjoy one’s food — we promise you can achieve that very easily by serving Monsoon Kitchens’ products. So, enjoy. Experiencing the true taste of India has never been easier.

For more information and recipes featuring Monsoon Kitchens products, visit our website at

Swati Elavia Ph.D., R.D
Monsoon Kitchens
159 Memorial Drive, Suite G
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Recipe Corner

Samosa Chaat



Foods of the Month


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•National Florida Tomato Month
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•National Asparagus Month
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Try these Fun Kitchen Secrets

Make Sure Eggs are Fresh
If you're unsure of an egg's freshness, see how it behaves in a cup of water: Fresh eggs sink; bad ones float.

Prevent Bacteria Growth on Dairy
Another dairy tip: In order to make cottage cheese or sour cream last longer, place the container upside down in the fridge. Inverting the tub creates a vacuum that inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes food to spoil.

Easily Break Down Poultry
A butcher's trick for breaking down poultry: First, separate the legs from the body. Next, separate the drumsticks from the thighs. Then, separate the wings from the body. Place the chicken breast-side down and cut along each side of the spine to remove the backbone. Finally, cut the breast in half.

Turn Leftover Mashed Potatoes into Croquettes
Form cold mashed potatoes into little balls, dip in beaten egg, coat in bread crumbs, and sauté or deep-fry. You can also mix in crabmeat or salmon.

Make Ice Cubes from Iced Coffee
No need to pour a pot of leftover brewed coffee down the drain. Freeze the liquid in ice-cube trays to add to iced coffee instead of regular ice cubes. Your coffee won't lose its potency as the cubes melt.

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Sysco Supplier Diversity

Sysco continues to embrace minority-owned suppliers. Minority supplier, Olé Mexican Foods is an example of what partnering with diverse suppliers is all about. The unique products they manufacture for a diverse customer base are very important in the community.

Olé Mexican Foods

Where were you in 1988?

Veronica Moreno (and Family) had just moved to Atlanta, GA from Houston, TX and quickly saw a need for a high quality corn tortilla. As a stay at home mom at the time, she took an old family recipe and a passion for tortillas and began making and selling them locally, catching the growing trend within retailers locally. In 26 short years, Veronica has molded Olé Mexican Foods into a $300 Million, Woman-Owned Hispanic Enterprise. The La Banderita Brand can now be seen nationwide from any local retailer to your local Sysco OpCo as Sysco's go-to brand for the Hispanic segment. Balance that with exporting to 10 countries serviced by 21 distribution centers, three point-of-manufacturers and 1,000 plus employees and you have a "family business" poised for continued future growth. With second generation family members having grown into key positions, Olé is investing heavily in new product development, new production lines and, soon, additional new facilities. With an understanding of the past and a vision for the future, the Moreno family has been giving back to the community in Youth Program support, continuing education, etc. both publicly and privately. Most recently Ole Mexican Foods is very proud of their commitment of $100,000 annually to TeletónUSA. Olé! Deliciously Authentic!

For more information about Olé Mexican Foods, visit their company website:

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Sysco's Minority & Women-Owned (MWBE) Supplier Spend

Sysco partners with over 500 minority and women-owned suppliers, and each year this base continues to grow. Diverse suppliers help Sysco meet the changing demands of foodservice operators while supporting strategic alliances that enable the continued success of Sysco, our customers and our supplier partners.

It is important that Sysco continues to utilize minority and women-owned suppliers from a corporate and operating company position.

Sysco continues to grow its purchases (Spend) from minority and women-owned suppliers each year. Sysco's MWBE Spend for FY 2015 (Q2) was $247 million, compared FY 2014 (Q2) MWBE Spend of $231 million.



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Sysco's Supplier Diversity Registration Portal

Our new supplier diversity registration portal is now available for suppliers to register online.

We encourage you to continue communicating to your minority suppliers the importance of registering their company. Large customers are still requiring minority suppliers to present their certifications in order to count their purchases for contract purposes.

Please direct new and existing minority and women-owned suppliers to Sysco’s Minority Supplier Registration Portal via the website: Click Here

The registration portal allows Sysco to source various MWBE suppliers for products of interest, when the need arises. It also allows the supplier to upload their MBE, WBE, SBA, Hubzone and (8A) certificates so that we have them available when needed, as well as create and/or update their company profile.

Why Supplier Diversity is Important to Sysco Operating Companies

• Restaurant decision makers, with whom Sysco does business, are becoming increasingly multicultural, multilingual, and multifaceted and often require "nitch" or unique products from minorities or women-owned companies.
• Minorities and women represent the fastest growth to the consumer/business base, and contribute dramatically to the revenue stream that major corporations, including Sysco enjoy.
• MWBEs can potentially offer a better price for Sysco and non-Sysco Brand products.
• Sysco can potentially receive quicker turnaround and better or expanded levels of service from MWBEs.
• Supporting MWBEs allows Sysco to give back to the communities where Sysco employees live, work and do business.
• Helps MWBEs grow and participate on a level playing field with other Sysco suppliers.
• Many key customers, including the military, national accounts and gaming customers track and depend upon Sysco's Tier 1 purchases from minority and women-owned supplier partners.