Diversity plays an important role in every aspect of our business, all the way to our suppliers. Partnering with minority and women-owned suppliers isn’t just good practice — it’s good for business. We rely on our minority and women-owned suppliers to assist us in meeting the needs of our diverse customer base and to help us guarantee better products and better services for those customers. These enterprises pave the way to a broader product assortment, and provide new ideas and new ways of doing business to help Sysco meet the changing demands of foodservice operators.


Sysco’s supplier diversity program is committed to partnering with suppliers that can deliver products and services that meet the needs of our diverse customer base.  Our program is developed to ensure a continued focus on improving our supplier engagement and on providing mentorship to help these suppliers grow through their relationship with Sysco. 

At Sysco, we partner with more than 500 minority and women-owned suppliers, who help us meet the demands of our customers, support our efforts to increase the variety of products we offer, and provide access to new and specialty products.  In FY2017, we spent $1.004 billion with minority and women-owned suppliers, compared to $1.097 billion in FY2016.