Asian Food Solutions

April 20, 2017

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Asian Food Solutions


Asian Food Solutions, a certified minority-owned and operated company, is a manufacturer of frozen fully cooked Asian-inspired entrées, side dishes and appetizers with an emphasis on great taste, authentic flavors and quality ingredients. These products are marketed under the Green Dragon brand. The company headquarters is located in Oviedo, Florida.

All of our products are processed under the most rigorous quality and sanitation standards. These products, fresh, frozen and pasteurized, are consistently supervised by our quality control specialists whom we employ to oversee our products in each of our plants. The processing, packaging and distribution of these products adhere to the strictest of HACCP regulations and FDA guidelines.


“Nutrition, Taste and Value,” these simple but powerful words capture the essence of our mission - “To provide nutritious, delicious, value-oriented Asian meals and meal solutions to all we serve.”


The founding members, Allan Lam, Lincoln Yee and Debra Huffman, have family roots that stretch as far back to the 1800’s as early Chinese immigrants working on the railroads as laborers and cooks. Their forefathers instilled a passion for creating great food and a commitment to excellence in producing quality meals - FOOD is deeply woven into the fabric of their culture and family settings. The diversity of professional backgrounds of all three members is profound and each member was uniquely inspired by the efforts of the National School Lunch program. What started out as a novel idea to provide Asian inspired lunches to local schools, has culminated into an innovative enterprise dedicated to preserving and sharing their family values through the production and sales of delicious high quality Asian cuisine. Asian Food Solutions entered the marketplace in June 2008 exhibiting at its first food show in Greensboro, NC with only three products: Tangerine (Orange) Chicken, New Orleans (Bourbon) Chicken and Spicy (Kung Pao) Chicken. The appeal and acceptance of all three products spurred a flurry of inquiries for product information and samples. By fall of 2008, the first orders were being delivered. Since then, the company has grown to serve customers in multiple segments across the country. Green Dragon products are made in the most advanced facilities with strategic partnerships for supply, manufacturing and distribution.


Asian Food Solutions' Green Dragon products were developed with an emphasis on quality ingredients and nutritional soundness. Green Dragon’s unique flavor profiles are a result of custom blended spices and sauces. Extensive research, testing and re-testing occurs for each new product to assure a high level of product acceptance. They are produced under the strictest protocols for food safety.

Green Dragon product offerings include:


•               Asian chicken entrees

•               Asian fried rice and Asian noodles

All product features include:

•               Minimally processed

•               Heat and Serve

•               IQF for maximum freshness.

•               No added MSG


•               Asian appetizers

•               Asian sauces and condiments


•               No added trans-fats

•               No artificial ingredients or additives

•               Stand-alone entrée or side

•               Speed scratch component


To provide healthier options for K12, military, and healthcare, gluten-free, whole grain and 51% whole grain products are available. Green Dragon products are 100% “Made in the USA” and have at least 51% domestically sourced ingredients.


Sysco has played a significant role in the growth of Asian Food Solutions. It was among the first distributors to do business with and collectively is one of the largest purchasers. AFS has product available in roughly half of Sysco Op-Cos.

For more information about Asian Food Solutions, please visit their website,, or contact:
Asian Food Solutions
2572 W State Road 426, Suite 2016
Oviedo, FL 32765
(888) 499-6888 or