MWBE Spend - October 2016

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Sysco's Minority & Women-Owned (MWBE) Supplier Spend

Sysco partners with over 500 minority- and women-owned suppliers, and each year this base continues to grow. Diverse suppliers help Sysco meet the changing demands of foodservice operators while supporting strategic alliances that enable the continued success of Sysco, our customers and our supplier partners.

It is important that Sysco continues to utilize minority- and women-owned suppliers from a corporate and operating company position.

Sysco continues to grow its purchases (Spend) from minority- and women-owned suppliers each year. Sysco's purchases from MWBE suppliers in the first quarter of Fiscal 17 were $261 million, compared to the first quarter of Fiscal 16 of $266 million. MWBE purchases for Fiscal 16 reached $1.1 billion. We are proud of the relationships we have developed and are committed to growing our investment in these supplier’s products.