Diversity Awareness

Any efforts to improve diversity among our workforce would be incomplete if it did not involve our most important partners in this mission: our operating companies. In addition to our Corporate offices, we maintain over 180 distribution facilities serving more than 400,000 diverse customers. We are proud of the diversity and accomplishments of these operating companies. Sysco offers diversity training and informative diversity and inclusion sessions and articles to promote awareness and education. These diversity awareness educational opportunities assist in accomplishing the following goals: 

  • Understanding the business case for diversity
  • Sharing business practices that can improve the diversity of Sysco’s talent pool
  • Helping our operating companies develop a strategic approach to diversity
  • Providing the assistance necessary to build customized diversity action plans

Our diversity awareness and educational sessions provide unique opportunities to share best practices in targeted recruiting strategies, as well as in the analysis and utilization of data with counterparts from other operating companies. Sysco is committed to encouraging this open sharing of information among peers, to help spread the wealth of our associates’ expertise throughout our organization.