Sysco's Diversity Message

Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that elicits the very best from our associates is essential to our continued success at Sysco. At Sysco, we employ the very best talent we can find, and we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce enables us to better serve our customers.

In this spirit, we've created a plan that integrates best business practices in four distinct areas to create a workplace that reflects the unique diversity of American life.

  • In our workforce, we've implemented programs that help us recruit the best and brightest from a broad range of cultures, while helping our customers to be more successful.
  • In our supplier relationships, we've built successful partnerships with minority and women-owned businesses to offer our customers an even greater variety of choices.
  • In our leadership, we've committed ourselves to maintaining diverse representation at all levels of our company, all the way to the top.
  • In our communities, we're striving to build stronger neighborhoods, promote higher education among minorities and encourage greater diversity across our industry.

By supporting and embracing diversity and inclusion, we all gain new ideas and learn new ways to approach challenges. This allows us to make better business decisions that will have far-reaching and lasting benefits for everyone our business touches: our customers, our shareholders and our associates.