Our People Tell the Story

Catherine Kayser"Sysco’s strength is that we are not a “one-size-fits-all” company.  We are a team of talented and diverse people working to do business in a manner that understands the needs of our current and future customers and allows each of our associates to reach their full potential.”
Catherine J. Kayser
Market President (Northeast)

Peter Ford“It’s an exciting time at Sysco! As a part of the largest transformation in the company’s history, we are redesigning business processes and implementing new technology tools and roles that will improve business productivity. Diversity is a key success factor in this transformation that is managed by a team that includes experienced Sysco associates, new associates and various business partners collaborating closely with our suppliers and customers.”
Peter Ford
Sr. Director, Business Process Management

Sandra Carson“We bring together teams from varied points of view, background, education, professional experience, skill and talent to achieve success in reaching our common goal of becoming our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner.  It’s just another example of how we strive to do the right thing here at Sysco.”
Sandra G. Carson
VP Safety & Crisis Management

Shaun Hasty"Just like the country we live in and the markets we service, Sysco embraces diversity and inclusion on a daily basis. Doing so allows us to succeed in every aspect of our business while growing the partnership with our customers.”
Shaun Hasty
Marketing Associate
Sysco Houston

Jose Duran“I am a Sysco Driver and have worked at two locations – Los Angeles and Houston.  I like being the first to come in contact with our customers to deliver their product.  I can actually assure them that “Good things come from Sysco.”  I also enjoy working for such a diverse company.  Working for Sysco has brought many good things to me and my family.  It continues to be a great place to work.”
Jose Duran
Delivery Associate
Sysco Houston