Where in the world is Sysco QA?

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Did you know that Sysco Quality Assurance representatives travel thousands of miles every year to make sure our customers can continue to provide the quality seafood their patrons expect? Well, it’s true. As a matter of fact, our QA staff oversees food safety and quality programs for Sysco brand suppliers on every content, with the exception of Antarctica.

For example, Eli Hollon (Sysco QA program quality manager, seafood) recently returned from South America, where he conducted audits of Sysco-approved facilities and evaluated a host of potential new supplier locations. While out in the field, Eli’s travel itinerary included auditing the structural integrity of each facility, along with the implementation of programs covering everything from food safety and quality control methodologies to a review of the production, sanitation, pest control and good manufacturing practices documentation associated with the production of Sysco brand products.

But Eli’s work on this South American trip did not stop with new suppliers. Our ongoing quality monitoring programs, arguably the most important of our core responsibilities, had Eli hopping planes to confirm that our approved suppliers in the region were continuing to comply with our food safety and product quality requirements.  

Keep in mind, that’s just Eli’s work on one continent with one cluster of current and potential seafood suppliers. Sysco applies that same effort and level of scrutiny across more than 150 supplier locations in 20 countries; all while seeking opportunities for continuous improvement.

At Sysco, we understand that the only way to ensure our customers receive a consistent, quality product in every truckload is to is to get out in the field (or stream or ocean, as the case may be), roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Real product quality and reliable product consistency take true dedication; and you just can’t get that from behind a desk. You’ve got to get out there and get your feet wet.

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