A Shorter Distance from Field to Fork

Locally grown produce is in demand across the country, and meeting this need on the scale necessary to serve a developing national market has become a challenge for many in the food distribution industry. For Sysco, satisfying this growing demand has required us to think differently about how and where we get our fresh produce....Read More

Saving the Best for Sysco

To get the best tomatoes for canning, you have to act fast. Approximately 90% of U.S. pack tomatoes come from California and are harvested within a brief three-month season beginning in July. During that time, crews work day and night to move tomatoes from the field to the cannery as quickly as possible to preserve that farm-fresh taste....Read More

When the Damage is Already Done

Canned foods represent one of the safest, most shelf-stable options for storage and transport in the food distribution industry. Yet, damaged canned goods may pose a serious safety risk to consumers. That is why the Sysco QA team actively educates employees and customers alike on the safety concerns associated with damaged canned goods....Read More