What Does Food Fraud Taste Like?

Any suggestion that a customer might not be getting exactly what they’ve paid for is a sure-fire way to stir up their concerns and shake their confidence in quality assurance. It’s also bad for business, which is why Sysco Quality Assurance goes to such great lengths to ensure that we deliver on our promises....Read More

High-Tech Tools for Fighting Food Fraud

One reason that food fraud remains prevalent is that the differences between the fraudulent foods and genuine articles are often subtle, requiring careful, reliable testing and analysis. The industry is constantly searching for easier, faster, more reliable ways to detect food fraud....Read More

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Seafood is a frequent target for fraud because there are so many varieties and because the distinctions between species can be elusive for many consumers. It takes an expert eye and palate to say with any certainty exactly what kind of fish is on the end of the fork. Most people trust the menu and the server. But when high-profile incidents of seafood fraud shake their confidence, they turn to other, “safer” choices. Knowing how to respond to these concerns can help sustain customers’ faith in your fish....Read More