Inaccurate weights may mean something fishy is going on

With some seafood suppliers, the information on the label may not accurately reflect the true nature of the product inside. Even though the size and weight may seem entirely accurate when confirmed by weighing or measuring, the label can still be misleading due to a number of deceptive practices....Read More

Bait and switch: avoiding dubious substitutions

If it says walleye on the menu, then that’s what you get, right? Not always. Sometimes less reputable establishments have been known to substitute zander, a similar-yet-less-expensive species, for walleye to help cut costs and increase profits. Ever hear of Pangasius labeled as sole or grouper? It happens. The list goes on......Read More

Where in the world is Sysco QA?

Did you know that Sysco Quality Assurance representatives travel thousands of miles every year to make sure our customers can continue to provide the quality seafood their patrons expect? Well, it’s true. As a matter of fact, our QA staff oversees food safety and quality programs for Sysco brand suppliers on every content, with the exception of Antarctica....Read More