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SupplierAlthough every Sysco Brand supplier must pass a rigorous approval process before being allowed to supply Sysco Brand products, Sysco QA’s involvement doesn’t end there. Every supplier of Sysco Brand products, domestic or imported, must submit to annual audits by third-party agencies and to routine visits by Sysco QA personnel. The frequency of these QA visits is determined by the product type, the quantity of Sysco Brand products being produced and the food safety risk associated with each particular product category — the higher the risk, the more frequently Sysco QA personnel visit and audit.

In the broadest terms, QA plant visits cover food safety, product quality and proper packaging. QA personnel also provide information on product processing and offer suggestions on continual process improvements.

A routine supplier visit by Sysco QA includes:

  • Confirmation of written corrective actions found in third party audits.
  • A review of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs and confirmation that important safety measures are in place and in compliance.
  • Evaluations of Sysco Brand products produced at the facility to confirm compliance with Sysco product specifications.
  • An evaluation of product recall programs.
  • Product traceability exercises to determine the thoroughness and timeliness of suppliers when asked to locate specific products for recall.
  • A review of customer complaints to ensure supplier follow-up and to discuss improvements to minimize complaints.
  • An audit of packaging protocols to determine compliance to government requirements and Sysco mandates.
  • A thorough, top-to-bottom audit of the entire operation to verify compliance to Sysco standards and applicable regulatory requirements.

Every year Sysco conducts hundreds of QA audits at supplier locations worldwide — on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. When it comes to bringing the best to our customers, no supplier is too far. Our goal is to provide customers with easy access to a world of exciting foods that meet the highest standards for quality, food safety and value. So make Sysco your source for the world's best!