Straight from the source's mouth

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StrawberriesThe Sysco Point Source Inspection Program (PSIP) identifies and addresses potential quality issues at the earliest point in our supply chain, the source. Prior to instituting PSIP, Sysco Brand imported products were inspected immediately upon arrival at Sysco’s Import Forwarding Warehouse network. While this was effective in keeping noncompliant products from reaching customers, inspections upon arrival often led to disruptions in supply when quality issues resulted in products being refused.

By moving the inspection process to the source, quality issues are identified much earlier and communicated to suppliers more effectively. Rather than exchanging pictures and explaining why certain products failed to meet Sysco standards, Sysco QA representatives are on-hand at supplier locations to clearly explain expectations, conduct inspections and identify potential issues before products leave the facility. This allows Sysco Brand suppliers to better understand where the bar is set and drives continuous improvement at the production level. This also results in the delivery of reliably consistent products, cost reductions across the entire distribution chain, greater efficiency, and less spoilage and waste.

To help Sysco QA maintain a presence at even the most remote supplier locations, Sysco has developed strategic relationships with trusted global resources. We are just as selective in choosing our partnerships as we are in choosing our suppliers and products; because our reputation as an industry leader is only as good as the products we deliver. Our international PSIP partners are an extension of the Sysco QA department, and therefore are carefully and thoroughly vetted before engaging in product sampling and quality evaluations on Sysco’s behalf.

With PSIP in place, our customers can expect that Sysco Brand imported products meet the very highest standards in regard to quality, food safety and consistency. Because Sysco QA understands that to ensure our customers get the best products from every corner of the globe, you have to start at the source.