Bringing Home the Bacon

Bacon has been a mainstay in the foodservice industry and on dining tables for generations. Most bacon sold in the United States consists of long, narrow slices cut across natural striations of lean meat and fat....Read More

Avoiding Deli Dangers

To satisfy the demands of today’s grab-and-go lifestyle, retail delicatessens have been expanding their ready-to-eat (RTE) sandwich offerings. With this increase in variety comes an increased risk for cross contamination, because many different types of meat are frequently sliced using the same slicer....Read More

Hamming It Up with Sysco QA

Traditional hams come from the hind leg of a hog. When a ham comes from the front leg, it will be designated as a pork shoulder picnic ham. Whether from the front leg or the back, hams are sold bone-in or boneless and are most frequently found fresh, cured or cured-and-smoked....Read More

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