Sysco Brand Quality

Quality is our secret ingredient.

The Sysco Brand family encompasses a wide variety of foods and restaurant supply products, all backed by the highest quality standards and strictest oversight. Sysco Brand food products are evaluated for flavor, appearance, nutrition, packaging, convenience and many other factors to make sure our customers receive the best quality and value available.

Supplier Approval

All potential Sysco Brand suppliers must pass a strict Initial Facility Audit conducted by one of Sysco’s 100+ highly trained QA professionals. Suppliers are audited to ensure that appropriate risk analysis has been completed for all food safety hazards, and that adequate preventative measures are in place to proactively manage all food safety risks. All potential suppliers’ product quality management processes are assessed as well, helping ensure that the suppliers Sysco chooses to do business with are capable of meeting both our strict food safety requirements and our quality expectations.

Facility Approval and Ongoing Compliance

After passing the Sysco Initial Facility Audit and Supplier Approval Process, product quality and food safety systems are routinely monitored by Sysco QA. Suppliers of high-risk products are audited even more frequently to ensure ongoing compliance and customer satisfaction.

Packaging Integrity

All Sysco Brand products are clearly labeled with nutritional information, ingredients, production/use-by dates, potential allergens, and proper handling, storage and distribution information.

Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain

Maintaining the proper temperature is critical to food safety and quality. That’s why every Sysco Brand product passes through numerous temperature control points, including fully insulated, multi-temperature trailers; transport temperature monitoring by specially trained Sysco Delivery Associates; chilled docks and designated temperature zones within every warehouse.