For any operator that wants fresh baked flavors with the convenience of par baked, Baker’s Source provides a broad selection of products to help create and serve signature baked goods.

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Baker's Source offers bulk and individually wrapped sweet or savory bakery items.

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Few foods delight the senses or evoke heart-warming feelings like fresh baked goods. The aroma that fills a room as a cake rises in the oven or as a pan of fresh cookies emerges can create positive moments and memories for people of all ages. Whether it’s a baguette that’s perfectly chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside or a brownie that can only be described as full of gooey goodness, consumers love quality baked goods and the kitchens that serve them.

For generations, bakers toiled in the earliest moments of the morning to deliver these kinds of experiences. Finding the perfect ingredients, replicating recipes with precision, and becoming masters of their ovens became the heartbeat of bakers’ lives. At Baker’s Source, we celebrate the craft and artistry of bakers. We do this by offering a broad line of time-saving specialty items to make their lives easier, enabling them to deliver their own fresh-quality goods without all the work.

We embrace the idea of par baked: our mission is to deliver solutions that save time and effort while enabling bakers of any background to excel at delighting their customers. From single-step ingredients to par baked and fully prepared bakery items, Baker’s Source is the ideal solution for those wanting time-saving ways to serve their own signature baked items—all without compromising consistency or quality, flavor or consumer appeal.

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Bakery products are a staple of most meals. They are the slices of bread for a gourmet sandwich, the rolls used to sop up leftover sauce, or the dessert to top off a perfect meal. No great dish is complete without them. Get inspired by our menu ideas for baked goods.

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