House Recipe offers familiar flavors everyone knows and loves in consumer-facing, table-top and portion-controlled packages.

The Perfect Pairing

With the taste of national brands, House Recipe offers consumer-facing items to complement any dish.

Consistently Perfect, Every Time.

The hot sauce that you add to your eggs just like Dad did, or the pride gained in tailoring the store-bought jelly by adding mint from the garden, condiments reveal the care, tradition and particulars that make a meal enjoyable. The House Recipe family knows that every exceptional dining experience is defined by getting small details right—aspects that reveal the care and thought invested in every successful foodservice operation. We pride ourselves on sharing those values, delivering table-top and portion-controlled items that showcase the perfect marriage of value with an unwavering commitment to industry-leading quality that our customers can trust.

As important as attentive service and delicious food, picking the right accompaniments represents an opportunity to anticipate and meet the needs of even the most discriminating consumers. Take ketchup, for example. A staple of today’s diets, the right ketchup has the power to delight the senses—from the boldness of the red and the optimal hint of sweetness, to an easy pour that’s not-too-fast and not-too-slow, but consistently perfect every time.

Such quality cues are hallmarks of Sysco’s exclusive line of House Recipe offerings. From our signature condiments like ketchup, mayo, and mustard to essentials like packaged crackers, jellies, and creamers. We deliver quality and flavor that rivals the best of national brands, never failing to bring the pleasures of the perfect condiment to every meal.

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Three people walk into a restaurant. One likes their fries with ketchup, another with mayonnaise, and the third with ranch dressing. There is no punchline to this joke, because the restaurant was prepared for any customer need thanks to House Recipe. Get inspired by our ideas for condiments, dressings, sauces, and beyond.

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