Operators focused on quality seafood with a respect for the environment trust Portico to deliver seafood sourced with integrity.

Consistent Taste. Consistent Yield. Consistent Quality.

Portico offers a wide variety of seafood species including an assortment of fresh, frozen and prepared products.

Today's Catch, Tomorrow's Supply.

The Portico Promise.

The expression, “Our word is our bond,” reflects more than a quaint saying at Portico; it’s how we operate our business every day. In a world of catchy sales pitches more rooted in hope than fact, Portico stands apart from the crowd. The trust we’ve built with our customers, the reputation we’ve carefully guarded, and the quality of the fish and seafood we serve are all held to industry-leading standards.

From how we source our fish and seafood to the way we interact with our customers, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

  • When we quote a weight on a case, that's what we deliver. No cutting corners.

  • When an order calls for code, that's what we deliver. No substitutions.

  • When we assure a level of quality, that's what we deliver. Every single time.

Our passion for seafood and sourcing with integrity extends to how we build collaborative partnerships with fisheries and the men and women who harvest the bounty of our oceans, ensuring quality seafood can be enjoyed by generations to come.  We are unrelenting in our pursuit of perfection.

Portico. Today’s catch, tomorrow’s supply.

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There are few things more serene than sitting on the beach and looking out towards the ocean. While this is a luxury not everyone can experience on a regular basis, a great seafood dinner has the power to transport them, if just for a few hours. Get inspired by our menu ideas for fish, shellfish, and beyond.

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