Recycle, and Renew—Sysco Earth Plus delivers affordable, planet-friendly, everyday essentials that are good for your business while reducing your environmental footprint.

Planet-friendly non-food items for operators

Protecting the Earth, Plus delivering value.

Non-food items are the unsung heroes of food service but are critical to every operation’s success. While these items rarely make it to an online review, they’re still as important as quality ingredients or a good chef. They are the napkins used after your finger-lickin’ good dishes or the take-out containers that protect food and keep meals delicious on-the-go. Sysco Earth Plus provides customers planet- friendly non-food items that are affordable and reliable.

At Sysco, we understand how valuable our planet is and embrace our role in protecting it. More than that, we are committed to providing our customers with planet-friendly essentials that help your operation run efficiently and let your food stand out. Our expertise and quality assurance allow us to deliver confidence, trust, and reliability with Sysco Earth Plus products that are good for your business while reducing your environmental footprint.

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As concerns for the environment increases, it is important that these disposable products provide operators with the food safety and performance they need to satisfy their patrons, while minimizing their impact on the planet. Get inspired by our ideas and offerings around catering and to-go.

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