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We place value on supplier relationships and are continually updating our capabilities and library of resources to help supplier partners be successful.


Agriculture and food production is a major contributor to global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). 22% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture, forestry and other land use

Agricultural production is expected to double by 2050 to meet the demand of the world’s growing population. Prompt action from agriculture and food companies will be instrumental in helping to curb global GHG emissions and climate change.

Sysco’s sustainability approach is anchored around caring for people, sourcing product responsibly, and protecting the planet. Within this framework, we have specific, measurable goals that guide our actions. 

As part of our efforts to protect the planet, we set an ambitious climate goal to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets. This includes working with suppliers representing 67% of Scope 3 emissions to set their own Science Based Targets (SBT) by 2026​.

Science based targets (SBT) are a clearly-defined pathway for companies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Additional resources on Sysco's commitments and SBT can be found in the below links:

Sysco suppliers can get additional information by visiting Sysco Supplier Suite (SSS) or by contacting Need access to Sysco Supplier Suite? Click here.


Sysco offers several secure web portals for you to interact with Sysco associates.  These portals allow you to view purchase orders, invoice status, send inquiries, load item data, update contacts, and much more.  Different portals have different functionality, so please choose the option for the specific task you would like to perform.

Sysco SPIRIT for Canada – A self-service tool that allows you to view real-time information on purchase orders, invoice status, payments, damage pictures, and send inquiries.

Sysco SPIRIT for Canada -User Manual(English)

Sysco SPIRIT for Canada -User Manual(French)

Click here to view a video on how to use Sysco SPIRIT.

Introduction video to Sysco SPIRIT (English)

Introduction video to Sysco SPIRIT (French)

Supplier Code of Conduct

This Sysco Corporation Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all vendors and suppliers of Sysco Corporation and its operating subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions. It requires that the highest legal, moral and ethical standards of honesty, integrity and fairness be practiced in the conduct of Sysco's affairs.

Supplier Animal Welfare Policy

Sysco’s Animal Welfare Policy for Suppliers encourages positive animal welfare outcomes for the farm animals in our supply chain. The purpose of this policy is to establish Sysco’s Animal Welfare standards and to communicate these expectations to our suppliers and external stakeholders. The Sysco Animal Welfare Policy covers all Sysco brand protein suppliers for our Broadline and Specialty Meat and Seafood Group (SSMG) in the categories of our veal, beef, lamb, pork, and poultry suppliers, as well as dairy, shell egg and processed egg suppliers. The geographic scope of this policy covers suppliers in the United States and Canada.

Product Packaging

To continue our efforts in driving a more sustainable food supply chain, Sysco is taking action to improve the sustainability of our packaging across all products. We are working to define an enterprise packaging ambition, focused on reducing our use of virgin plastic, and ensuring our packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

With this, we want to introduce packaging guidelines for our non-brand supplier partners, which provides information about transitioning to materials and design principles that will help us collectively reduce our environmental footprint.

Sysco Supplier Suite (SSS)

Sysco’s mission is to deliver success for our customers through industry-leading people, products, and solutions. One of the ways we’re working to enhance our customers’ experience is to provide high-quality product information across Sysco’s digital platforms. We believe these efforts have significant value in enhancing our customer’s online shopping experience as it aligns more closely with what customers have been accustomed to in a B2C (Business to Consumer) environment.

We have enabled multiple channels to make it easy for suppliers to provide high-quality data and improve our customer’s online shopping experience including the Sysco Supplier Suite and the GDSN. The Sysco Supplier Suite and Sysco’s GDSN Implementation Guide can be accessed through the links: 

Supplier Accounting

Sysco Marketing and Supply Chain offers suppliers access to payment information and supporting documentation on-line. This is a secured site and available to suppliers in the SMS central billing program. For log on and password, please send an email to and a representative will contact you.

Log in to Supplier Accounting here.

ESupplier Solutions

Automation of the procurement cycle is the key objective of the eSupplier Solutions Department. Our intention is to eliminate paper-based processes, where applicable, and to reduce costs in the supply chain. eSS is responsible for implementing and maintaining an E-Commerce partnership with Sysco's supplier community. Additionally, eSS interacts with Sysco's operating companies at a customer service level to provide assistance with their supplier E-Commerce issues.

Supplier Training

Supplier Training is an essential component at Sysco and we want our suppliers to have tools needed in order to succeed.  Because of the value we place on supplier relationships, we are constantly building and improving our capabilities to become an even more effective partner.  

Sysco is utilizing Workday Strategic Sourcing for our Sourcing (RFx events) and Contract Management processes.  If you are a brand new supplier to Sysco, below is a link to the registration.  The information that you provide will be available to Sysco’s Category and Sourcing teams for review and consideration.

Supplier Playbook

Based on feedback from current suppliers, we have developed the Sysco Supplier Playbook. The intent of the Playbook is to provide suppliers with information on various topics (ie.Corporate Billing, Packaging, iTrade, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Proposal Sheet descriptions). This will result in suppliers’ understanding of our expectations and what it takes to do business with Sysco. The Playbook is structured to coincide with the RFP making it easy to follow as you complete the RFP. This Playbook will also serve as a reference guide throughout the entire Sourcing process.

Supplier compliance Guide
Sysco's Supply Chain Operations / Supplier Compliance (SCOPS) team is the central liaison between the Redistribution Center (RDC) network and the supplier community. SCOPS' role is to successfully transition suppliers into the RDC network and to monitor and report operational issues. Our goal is to promote positive and open relationships with RDC suppliers while sustaining operational requirements that result in shared cost reductions. SCOPS team members can be reached at
Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Database (QA Database) provides immediate electronic access to the suppliers portion of the Sysco specification database. The system is a user friendly and is an intuitive application that provides a secure pathway for workflow, eliminating paperwork and/or phone calls to establish or modify specification. It creates additional electronic communication conduit and is available through your current Internet service provider. As a supplier you should have been given a User Registration Form to register personal user id's and passwords. If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please contact the Customer Service Group at 281-584-1190.

Below are the steps for individuals requesting End User access to the Stibo QA Database.

Gather the required information:

    • Supplier name

    • Supplier SAP vendor number (optional)

    • Name – person requesting access

    • Address/city/state/zip

    • Supplier GLN number (optional)

    • Phone

    • Email address

Send Email:

To with the above information and include “QA Spec Access” in the subject line of your email.


Please contact

Supplier Support Team:

SBS will create the ID/Password and notify all - also they will provide any QA documentation when their access is ready.

Partnership Growth Insights

PGI is an evolution of how Sysco partners with suppliers on data and analytics, centered around a suite of custom-configured insights to enable every participating supplier to perform better data-driven business planning and enhanced performance management and optimization.